Le Beau Serge

17 maart 2018


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Met ingang van maart zal Jeffrey Babcock, bekend van zijn underground movie nights her en der in Amsterdam, maandelijks in Huis De Pinto een film vertonen. De voertaal van deze avonden is Engels.
Als eerste film vertoont hij Le Beau Serge (1958), een film van Claude Chabrol. De film is in het Frans, met Engelse ondertitels.


Starting this March, Huis De Pinto is delighted to collaborate with Jeffrey Babcock for a monthly movie night. His movie nights are a well-known phenomenon amongst Amsterdam moviegoers, appreciated for showing the hidden-gems of cinema and for the stories that he tells about them.

To kick off this exciting new programme we will watch Le Beau Serge (1958), a movie by Claude Chabrol.

This is one of Jeffrey’s favorites: the first movie of Chabrol (Le boucher, La Cérémonie). He directed this movie before he was mesmerized by Hitchcock and started making thrillers, Chabrol created this almost hand-made masterpiece which many people feel was the very first movie that began the French New Wave. Yes, this movie is rough... but that's what brings it closer to life. In this movie, cinema enters areas that it had never done before, and has rarely accomplished since.
The story is simple: it is about two friends who reunite in the French countryside and a woman who joins them, creating a love triangle. But the film has a freshness that makes almost all movies being made today seem stale. This film also features the wonderful actress Bernadette Lafont, who died earlier in 2013. She was a woman who embraced the daring and ground-breaking adventures of the New Wave movement, and this was her first feature film. Besides Lafont, the movie stars Gérard Blain (Roman Polanski's collaborator) and Jean-Claude Brialy.

The movie is in French, with English subtitles.

hall open 19:30 | movie starts 20:00
entrance 3 euro (cash only, no cards)